Extraordinary thanks to all Nurses, Nationally and Globally.

Hi Everyone, Happy Nurses Week to all of our caring nurses; this is a fitting time to thank each and every nurse, (healthcare workers, frontline staff, including others such as the lab techs, and the environmental staff), who are endlessly toiling to make this crisis less burdensome for patients and everyone else. Our team at Comprehensive Diabetes Services offers a heartfelt thanks to nurses for their extraordinary efforts, putting their lives at risk to offer help in restoring health to patients in all continents. We sincerely hope that you are doing well and staying healthy as we all face this challenging time with so many uncertainties and burden that COVID-19 has caused. The perplexity of its transmission that results in annihilations to so many lives worldwide has even the brightest minds at a loss. As this virus progresses and attacks all age groups, we find ourselves bewildered to comprehend its multi-organ destruction that results in devastating outcomes leading to loss of lives on a global basis.

This virus has no respect for anyone even those who are healthy, but it seems to prey on individuals with compromised health status such as chronic illnesses, the sick, people with unhealthy eating habits, and poor hygiene more so than others; hence, this is why it is important to eat healthy and practice good hygiene at all times. The simplest things can make a world of difference in your life and in those lives that you care for or those that depend on you. Be an example for others to mimic; we all have a part to do in preventing the spread of this virus and other diseases, as well as preventing the complications associated with Type 2 Diabetes.

Your oral intake can make a huge difference in the stabilization of your blood glucose regardless of where you live in the world; eating healthy smaller meals using your own ethnic foods could keep you safe at home, and out of the Urgent Care or Emergency rooms for complications such as hypoglycemia that’s associated with this chronic illness (take a look at our services to help manage your Type 2 diabetes). As we all know, the ERs are bombarded with COIVD-19 patients, so staying healthy only benefits you and reduces your chance to contract this deadly virus.

Again, our team at Comprehensive Diabetes Services wants to extend a genuine thanks to all Nurses worldwide for their everyday commitment to our patients, and especially now during COVID-19; you are more appreciated and valued than you can ever imagine. We have gone through so…much before, and we will surmount COVID-19; believe in yourselves and in each other; in unity we are strong. Help and support our colleagues to help you and us; we will win this battle, my esteemed team members.

Please keep visiting our website for additional blogs and services to help manage your Type 2 diabetes; stay healthy and safe.

Dr. Soy Ramsumeer