COVID-19 triggers hyperglycemia in patients with no history of Pre-diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes; What can we do to avoid and mitigate its negative outcomes?

Blood glucose meter

What other surprises does COVID-19 virus have for the world? We are now faced with people who never had a history of Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes but are being diagnosed with high blood glucose at admission to hospitals accompanied by a positive COVID-19 test, which is a predictor for 28-day mortality (Wang S, et…

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How can we help to reduce the negative impact that COVID-19 has on everyone particularly those affected with Type 2 Diabetes and other co-morbidities? Free Herbal Tea Recipe included.

Aromatic tea with cinnamon

Without a doubt this viral illness (COVID-19) has caused a havoc both nationally and globally in all respects whether we contracted it despite all precautions taken (as it is airborne), or if we are spared from it; either way it’s destroying lives and our economies leaving some homeless, halting education and schooling, forcing social isolation…

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Extraordinary thanks to all Nurses, Nationally and Globally.

A nurse holding a patient’s hand

Hi Everyone, Happy Nurses Week to all of our caring nurses; this is a fitting time to thank each and every nurse, (healthcare workers, frontline staff, including others such as the lab techs, and the environmental staff), who are endlessly toiling to make this crisis less burdensome for patients and everyone else. Our team at…

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Type 2 Diabetes and COVID-19; Stay Healthy and Safe.

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Hello Everyone, adding to our previous post and to give you an insight as to what brought me into the healthcare field with an interest in the management and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, is really my mother. And during these challenging times with COVID-19 facing all of us, some with financial difficulties and being…

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Managing your Diabetes during COVID-19

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Hello my name is Dr. Soy Ramsumeer, and I’d like to bring awareness to everyone about Type 2 Diabetes since this illness holds much passion for me caring for my deceased mother for almost three years, when she was given 1 week to 3 months to live. With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, and as…

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